The Beer that IS Beer is back! Now brewing at Northwoods Brewpub and Grill – the legendary Walter’s Beer makes a triumphant return to Wisconsin. It took a building expansion to contain this big beer, and Brewmaster Tim Kelly’s attention to detail ensures a clean, crisp lager just like the good old days. Walter’s Premium Pilsner Beer didn’t become an icon because it was short on taste. Yes, it’s as good as you remember.
The Classic Flavor of Walter’s Beer – Now Available at Northwoods Brewpub & Grill, and All Around Western Wisconsin!
For 100 years, Walter’s Beer was as much a family tradition as it was a refreshing malt beverage. The Walters family toiled through fires, Prohibition and fierce competition to deliver the classic recipe that gave generations of beer enthusiasts a reason to relax at the end of the day. Your time has come to experience this bold, historic brew. Ask for it at Northwoods Brewpub and Grill or find it at select locations in western Wisconsin. And be sure to check out Walter’s merchandise at our online store.

According to local lore, the Walter’s Brewery tour consisted of a few steps across the tank room to a tap in the wall. After two or three glasses, the tour was over! Well, times haven’t changed much. From the Northwoods Brewpub tank room to the bar tap down the hall, Walter’s Beer is waiting for you like an old friend.

Start a new tradition of good taste and support your hometown beer – the Beer that IS Beer – Walter’s Beer.

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